Where to start?

Where to start, that’s always the question. I guess I’ll start by giving some background about our family, our house and what we hope to accomplish with this blog. We are a “average” family of three, middle class income, 2 adults, 1 child, and a dog living in a ~1800 sf house built in 1976, in Austin, TX.

I barely remember the 70’s, as I was 8 years old when our current home was built, and was to busy being a kid to pay much attention to what was going on with the economy and such. But what I do remember was the energy crisis and the price of gold and silver skyrocketing. From what I’ve been reading there was also massive inflation, a recession, and a housing shortage during that period of time. When houses were built during the later part of the 70’s not much thought was given to energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. It was pretty much get them built with as low a cost as possible.

Fast forward to today, there is an energy crunch with gas at $3.69 / gallon, the economy is stagnant, gold and silver prices are up, and we are living in a house that is not energy efficient.

Our house is all electric, meaning every thing is powered by electricity. The air conditioning / heating, and the water heater are the big users when it comes to electric use in our home. Our electric bill averages $250.00/month with it spiking around $400.00 in January, February, July, August and September, prime heating and cooling months in Austin. When we purchased the house in 2006 it already had a SEER 13 Heat Pump installed so we aren’t going to see any improvement in our electric usage by upgrading to a newer system.

We are going to make the house more efficient, more environmentally friendly and do it in a way that is not going to break the bank. Most of this is going to revolve around our family changing our habits, some smart improvements to the house and some long term upgrades.

This blog is our attempt to document and share this adventure and you are invited to come along with us, hopefully inspiring you to make some changes also.


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